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Sandwich platters and light buffets at your workplace or occasion.


We are proud to supply many of the Island's leading companies on a regular basis.


We use the same fresh prepared French Frank's ingredients .  Each order is made fresh and is ready for delivery or collection at an agreed time.


Food is presented in quality lidded display trays and we supply sturdy disposable but compostable plates and napkins if required.    We will discuss arrangements for return of trays (we collect from regular account customers) or a charge of 20p per person is applicable if tray return is not practical.


Vegetarian fillings included as standard, other  dietary needs and allergy information on request.    We are able to deliver depending on quantity and location there may be an appropriate charge.


Do ask if you have you have specific requests not shown here, we can adapt  to requirements and budgets.


We normally require 36 hours notice for platter orders, for larger orders book early so we can plan (occasionally demand exceeds our capacity to supply).



All prices are plus VAT where applicable.


Basic savoury                                                                        £4.40 per person

Sandwiches, wraps and rolls , Fillings typically include tuna, ham, coronation chicken, egg, cheese, roasted vegetable and salad accompaniments.


Medium  Savoury                                                                   £4.95 per person

Sandwiches, wraps, small baguettes and sausage rolls.   Fillings will include more premium options such as rare beef, salmon & French Franks  classics such as chicken, pesto, mozzarella & tomato.


Premium Savoury                                                                 £6.00  per person          

Sandwiches, wraps,baguette/crostini rings,& yorkshire puddings pastry bites, with a range of fillings/ toppings to include salmon, rare beef, salt beef, artisan cheeses and cured meats.


Also available to include..................


Cake - or Cake & Fruit Combination                                    £1.80 per person

Two pieces per person, small portions of our cake from the cafes:  Lemon drizzle, chocolate brownies, millionaire shortbread..  (or a mixture of cake and fruit).


Just Fruit Tray                                                                       £1.00 per person

Apples, bananas, grapes and other fruit in season.


Cans and Waters     £0.85                                                  Pipers Crisps £0.80


To order or discuss your requirements please call Mark on 07531 913274 or email .


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